Name of the Library: Public library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica, CROATIA

Public library of Koprivnica, Croatia by night
Public library of Koprivnica, Croatia by night

Name of the Library: Public library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica, CROATIA

Street Address: Zrinski trg 6, 48 000 Koprivnica, CROATIA
Postal Address: Zrinski trg 6, 48 000 Koprivnica, CROATIA
Telephone : +385 48 622 131
Web Address
Library Email

Type of Library : Regional Library
Population served: 65,271
Project Type : Refurbishment
Size (square metres): 1060 m2
Date of Completion: 2003
Architect : Lenko Pleština

TedxKoprivnicaLibrary event in the Public libray of Koprivnica, Croatia
TedxKoprivnicaLibrary event in the Public libray of Koprivnica, Croatia

All the way to the end of the 20th century the Public library in Koprivnica was marred by its “tenant status” and temporary residence at various inadequate locations. In 1981 the Library finally got its own kick start in a place of its own, right in the town’s main square. It moved to a very own building, adapted to the library needs.
Yet, some 15 years later, librarians needed to expand and update the space, to accommodate modern technologies, new contents and services, and above all – new needs of our services’ users.

The second adaptation of the premises dragged for 7 years (1996-2003), with the Library functioning normally the whole time while the renovation was going on. When finally over, it gave to librarians and users more useful space in square feet, but it also gave new possibilities: the Library expanded its services with the new ones, and grew to the center of information, culture, education and leisure; a modern meeting place for all citizens to enjoy the town’s own living room.

The Public library in Koprivnica has been acting as the middle seized city and county library with 22 employees, 140 thousand media, 200 reading and literacy programmes per year, 125 thousand visits per year. Its aim is to improve quality of life in local community by promoting, stimulating and motivating reading and literacy on traditional and digital media, lifelong learning, using of cutting-edge technology, social inclusion of vulnerable groups of citizens. Its strategic slogan is Library opens to everyone . It is well known library inside and abroad on its social inclusive programs for the blind and visually impaired as well as for Roma people ; local community reading campaigns; Books for Babies ; Storytelling hours for Babies and Toddlers ; Green library program ; Health information programe; Information literacy training programes ; Digitization of local cultural heritage; Program Read on a different way – listen audio books; Read on a different way – borrow e-reader and read e-books.

It is the first licenced TEDxLibrary in the EU.

Roma children in the Public library of Koprivnica, Croatia
Roma children in the Public library of Koprivnica, Croatia

Awards, case studies, further information
Awards and recognitions:
“Pavao Markovac” Prize by Croatian Workers’ Union for promotion of books and reading among workers in 1979 (awarded in 1980)
Town of Koprivnica Plaque for extraordinary achievements in culture and promotion of books, reading and literacy (2006)
Koprivnica-Križevci County Recognition for contributions and achievements in culture and education (2009)
Dr. Ljerka Markić Čučuković Fund Award for special contributions to librarianship for the year 2009 (specialized education of librarians for services to the blind and visually impaired); participation in international programs (2010)
EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) Innovation Award for „Jump in the train for a better world“ project of support to the Roma community by using ICT (2013.)
Croatian Library Association „Library of the Year Award“ for our innovative, creative and high quality work (2013)
„Our Children Society“and Croatian Society for Preventive and Social Pediatrics sponsored by UNICEF Office for Croatia Achievements award for the best program in 2013 – „Mini library at Pediatrics clinics”
The 2014 American Library Association (ALA) Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects for “In-house library training program supporting Roma people – the power of networking in local community” project (2014.)
Case studies
• “Library service for print disabled children and youth in Public Library of Koprivnica – an isolated case or a role model for Croatian public libraries? “

Click to access 114-krajina-en.pdf

• „Reading and literacy – a way to the social inclusive library“

Click to access 114-krajina-en.pdf

• „The Contribution of a Public Library in a Local Community to Successful Education of Roma: A Good Practice Example“

Click to access 125-krajina-en.pdf

• „From digitization of local newspapers to the portal of hometown cultural heritage – a step by step digitization strategy available to small communities“

Click to access 119-krajina-en.pdf

• „Digital repository Cultural heritage of Koprivnica : an example of local partnership“

Click to access ncd25052.pdf

• Green Library
At the beginning of the year 2013 Public library „Fran Galovic“ in Koprivnica, Croatia has started to integrate green topics into its regular programs. In cooperation with local organizations interested in sustainable development librarians have started to make a network of responsible members in society. Program consisted of various activities for all age groups to rise awareness to environmental issues and their importance for everyday life and the future of each individuals, their local community and the Planet Earth There have been held exhibitions of library collections, lectures for adults, workshops for children and adults (separate and together), storytelling hours for babies, toddlers and preschool children, movie projections with the same topic “How to prepare for sustainable future in small steps – what can I do?”. Most of the programmes were oriented on practical small steps and advice about what can we do in our everyday lives to contribute to sustainability and sustainable development. The programmes were organized for all age groups. The aim is to stress the public library potentials and its valuable role in supporting the quality of life in local communities with its resources that can help the community in creating sustainable solutions for the future.
More about project activities availablee at:


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