PBZ Pestalozzi-Bibliothek Zürich Sihlcity, Switzerland

Name of the Library: PBZ Pestalozzi-Bibliothek Zürich Sihlcity
Parent Organisation: PBZ Pestalozzi-Bibliothek Zürich

Street Address: Kalanderplatz 5, CH-8045 Zürich, Switzerland
Postal Address: same as above
Telephone : ++41 43 817 67 11
Web Address http://www.pbz.ch
Library Email: info@pbz.ch

Type of Library: District Special Library
Population served: 30 000
Project Type: New Building
Size (square metres): 677 m2
Date of Completion: 2007
Architect: Mrs Andrea Teuwen, Architect, Switzerland


The library is incorporated into a large new shopping centre and office building complex.
The building has direct access to public transport incl. rail link (The Zürich S-Bahn).



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