Odense Music Library, Denmark

Name of the Library: Odense Music Library
Parent Organisation: Odense Central Library
Address and Contact Details
Street Address: Østre Stationsvej 33
Postal Address: 5000  Odense C
Telephone :  + 45 65514444
Web Address https://www.odensebib.dk/node/74
Library Email musik-bib@odense.dk

Type of Library:  Central/ Main Library  , Special Library
Population served: 195.000
Project Type:  New Building
Size (square metres): 1200 m2
Date of Completion building 1914 – library summer 2013
Architect Heinrich Wenck

The building is the old central station in Odense from 1914 – and in 2013 Odense Music Library moved into the historical landmark building. The “wow” factor is big when you walk through the door and sees the fantastic interior – and it is really old meets modern. Odense Music Library is the biggest public library music collection in the Nordic countries – and must be one of the biggest worldwide. Both the physical collection and the digital music collection are vast.
At the same time the music library constantly pushes the borders for how to promote music to Odense’s patrons – It has its own music studio for the (semi) professionals, and an instrumental zone with drums, keyboards, guitars, bass and a lot other instruments you can just play – including sheet music writing software. All sponsored by Roland and 4Sound.

The music Library is a hub for all musical life in Odense – and works together with all relevant music institutions and persons, including the symphony orchestra, the music school, venues and commercial music stores. At the same the Music library has exhibitions and  concerts from advanced small niche genres to local bands first concert in public. Many events are arranged by the patrons themselves.

Check it out in the virtual 3D visit on https://www.odensebib.dk/sites/www.odensebib.dk/files/rundture/musikbiblioteket/index.html – (NB the instrumental zone on the top floor was not finished yet)



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