Stadtbibliothek Ulm

Photo: Martin Duckek
Photo: Martin Duckek

Name of the Library: Stadtbibliothek Ulm

Street Address: Vestgasse 1 Ulm Germany
Postal Address: 89073 Ulm Germany
Telephone : 0049 (0) 731 161 4100
Web Address:
Library Email:

Type of Library: Central Library
Population served:118.000
Project Type : New Building
Size (square metres): 4670 m²
Date of Completion 19.04.2004
Architect Mr. Prof. Gottfried Böhm

Situated directly adjacent to the historical Town Hall and near Ulm Minster, the Public Library has the form of an imposing pyramid, with a footprint of 28 x 28 m and a total height of more than 36 m. The exceptional feature of this building, designed by the Cologne architect Gottfried Böhm, is that its outer façade of more than 4,994 m2 is made of glass.
Slogan: You have questions- we have the answers!
Awards, case studies, further information
URL for info on the building


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