Central and University Library Lucerne, Switzerland


Name of the Library: Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern (Central and University Library Lucerne)
Parent Organisation: Kanton Luzern
Street Address: Sempacherstrasse 10
Postal Address: 6002 Luzern
Telephone : 41 228 53 12
Web Address: http://www.zhbluzern.ch
Library Email: info@zhbluzern.ch

Type of Library :Central/ Main Library
Population served: Students and teachers (Higher school, College, College of education, University), General public
Project Type: New Building, Refurbishment
Size (square metres): Three locations (incl. more than 10’000 qm)
Date of Completion: Main house, Sempacherstrasse: 1951. Location at the Universitybuilding: 2011. Lucerne Central and University Library at the Library of the Lucerne Business School : 2012
Architect: Main house, Sempacherstrasse: Otto Dreyer

ZHB Wirtschaft Luzern, den 15.06.2012 Foto: Priska Ketterer Luzern
ZHB Wirtschaft
Luzern, den 15.06.2012
Foto: Priska Ketterer Luzern

The Central and University Library, Lucerne (ZHB): One library – three locations.

The largest library in central Switzerland has been collecting and disseminating information since 1951, for research and teaching, study and work, and leisure and entertainment.

Today, the ZHB meets the diverse needs of its users at three different locations, each with its own distinct profile. All three branches are centrally located close to the main station and can be reached on foot in just a few minutes.

The public and academic library in the Sempacherstrasse (main library)
The most beautiful park in Lucerne is a centrally located oasis, and in the middle is the heritage-listed main building of the Central and University Library. Built in 1951 to plans by the Swiss architect Otto Dreyer, the building has survived the decades remarkably well, including the major developments necessary to house a modern library operation. Nevertheless, the upcoming and long-overdue renovation is keenly anticipated.

The library in the park is an ideal place for reading, learning and working, viewing exhibitions, attending events, and exchanging ideas with others. The services here are tailored particularly to the needs of the general public. There is a wide range of fiction and non-fiction materials available, including books, newspapers, magazines, pictures, sound recordings, audio books and electronic media. The valuable historical collections include manuscripts and rare books, musical works and an extensive photo archive.

Resources and facilities: In addition to about 1.3 million items available from the closed stacks, there are approximately 20,000 volumes in open access, to browse on the shelves. There are also reading rooms, group and individual workspaces, a modern infrastructure, a lounge for reading newspapers and magazines, and an exhibition and event area.

ZHB UNI Luzern, den 06.12.2011 Foto: Priska Ketterer Luzern
Luzern, den 06.12.2011
Foto: Priska Ketterer Luzern

The major academic library for students, lecturers and the interested public in the Uni / PH building (UPG)
The other major branch of ZHB in the Uni / PH Building is also ideally located, right next to the station and just two minutes from the lake. Those who get a window seat can enjoy the stunning views from the 5,500 square meter library. All other users of the library, opened in 2011, benefit from one of the remaining 700 workplaces.
The highly valued and frequently used library focuses on the needs of students and staff of the University itself and the University of Teacher Education (PH). About 300,000 volumes of the most recent literature can be found on the shelves of the extensive open access area, above all relating to the subjects taught at the two institutions.  These include, in particular, academic journals, reference books, source collections, introduction and background material, as well as research literature.

Resources and facilities: In addition to about 1.3 million items also available here from the closed stacks, there are approximately 300,000 volumes in open access. There are also various reading rooms, 700 group and individual workspaces, a modern infrastructure, and a large, generously proportioned lounge.

The specialized library of the Lucerne School of Business
In the ensemble of ZHB libraries, this library plays a key role for students and staff of the Lucerne School of Business. The ZHB provides library services for the School under contract, and offers here, as at each location, attractive workspaces and modern infrastructure, the most current literature, as well as expert, service-oriented advice and assistance.

Resources and facilities: In addition to about 1.3 million items available here as elsewhere from the closed stacks, there are approximately 15,000 volumes, including around 90 academic journals,  with introduction and background material in the areas of economics, business and management,  the main teaching focus of the School. There are also 90 workspaces in various configurations for individuals and groups, as well as a modern infrastructure.

Awards, case studies, further information
The largest part oft the ZHB collection is preserved in a closed magazine. 2016 this collection will remove to an inter-cantonal storage. The modular extendable storage is located near Lucerne. It will retain the collections of several large libraries of five swissgerman cantons. The magazine is first planned for three million volumes. When needed the capacity can be expanded to 18 million volumes.



Specialized Library Unipark , Salzburg, Austria


Andrew Phelps2011_5845Name of the Library:  Specialized Library Unipark
Parent Organisation: University Library of Salzburg
Street Address: Erzabt-Klotz-Str. 1
Postal Address: 5020 Salzburg
Telephone: 43662/8044/4927
Web Address: http://www.uni-salzburg.at/bibliothek
Library Email :  info.unipark@sbg.ac.at

Type of Library :Special Library
Population served: Unipark library is a specialized university library for approx. 5.500 students, but it is open to and used by the whole university (students as well as staff) as well as the general public
Project Type: New Building
Size (square metres):  4.000 m²
Date of Completion: 2011
Architect: Storch, Ehlers&Partner
Hubert Auer_EDE8364
The University Library of Salzburg is made up of several locations including the newly built and especially attractive Specialized Library Unipark. Its inventory comprises around 400.000 media on Romance Language and Literature, English and American Studies, Slavonic Studies, German Language and Literature, Linguistics, Educational Science, Art History, Music and Dance Studies.

The library consists of three different levels and is fully air-conditioned. The floor is made of black linoleum, interrupted by red carpets demarcating the work areas. The architects’ color concept of black, white and red dominates the interior design down to the smallest detail, for example the labeling of the book shelves. The library’s wide reading staircase and generous lounge area are used as event location and are the highlight of the library. Please see the attached pictures to give you a full impression of the library’s special charm.

Luigi Caputo_DSC8973

Apart from the architectural beauty of our library, the location of the library building is also noteworthy. Set right in the center of Salzburg’s picturesque Nonnberg district, breathtaking Alpine views and beautiful touristic sights surround the library. To mention but one: Unipark Library is in direct vicinity to Nonnberg Abbey, where parts of the famous _Sound of Music_ blockbuster film starring Julie Andrews were shot.

Unipark Library is also noteworthy for its innovative reading events: Especially popular books are presented and read from on a regular basis, usually by the authors themselves. These readings are widely appreciated by members of our University and the interested public.