Public Libraries Standing Committee

Planning a trip, want to visit some libraries but not sure where you should go? Wonder no more! Your colleagues from the IFLA Public Libraries Section are busily compiling the ultimate guide for Librarians 1001 libraries to see before you die. Our online initiative aims to bring together best practice examples of public library buildings and spaces from around the world. It will also include links to relevant websites and other resources.

The concept for this fun project was the brainchild of our member Anette Mjoberg (that’s her with the glasses, directly behind clapping Annie in the photo above )- little did she know what she was starting?!!!!!

1001 Libraries

We launched the project in Lyon at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress on 17 August 2014 together with our colleagues from the IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section.

The Public Libraries Section provides an active international forum and network for the development and promotion of public libraries. We are committed to ensuring the world’s communities have free and equal access to information and public library services. Our goals, objectives and strategies are developed within the context of the principles enshrined in the Public Library Manifesto, the IFLA Professional Priorities and the Lyon Declaration. This Section also represents mobile libraries.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marian Morgan-Bindon
IFLA Public Libraries Section Chairperson


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