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Ruhnu Raamatukogu, Estonia

2013-07-30 12.28_ruhnu-library

Name of the Library: Ruhnu Raamatukogu
Parent Organisation: Ruhnu Vallavalitsus

Postal Address:  Raamatukogu, Saare maakond, Ruhnu vald, EE-93001
Telephone : +(372) 453 3833
Web Address:
Library Email: ruhnuraamatukogu@hot.eeType of Library : Small Community Library
Population served: 56

Photograph Andreas Hahn
Photograph Andreas Hahn

I discovered this small community library on the remote Estonian Ruhnu island as a bicycle tourist on a trip of the Baltic states in the summer 2013.

Ruhnu covers an area of 12 km². There is only a road from the port to the village. Ruhnu has an interesting history and you can reach all  “sights” by foot in a day.

Photograph Andreas Hahn
Photograph Andreas Hahn

I reached the library in the afternoon. A sign indicated that it was closed at the moment. But outside was a table with two chairs in front of the entrance. So I sat down and used their free wifi hotspot as a window to the world.