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Bergen Public Library, Norway


Name of the Library Bergen Public Library
Parent Organisation: Bergen Municipality

Street Address: Strømgaten 6, Bergen Norway
Postal Address: Strømgaten 6, 5015 Bergen Norway
Telephone :+47 55 56 85 00
Web Address: http://www.bergenbibliotek.no
Library Email: post@bergenbibliotek.no

Type of Library: Central/ Main Library
Population served: 285 000
Project Type :Refurbishment
Size (square metres):  5193 m2
Date of Completion 1917, the new part of the building 2011.
Architect: Olaf Nordhagen


Bergen Public Library is the second largest public library in Norway.
The library has Scandinavia’s oldest public music collection (1924), and has its own special collection of material by composer Edvard Grieg. The collection digital-based and is part of Norway document heritage register ( a national edition of the UNESCO World Memory Programme).

Bergen Public Library is famous for digital special collections and literature projects as “Bergen reading”


The latest project will be carried is a special section for young people with interiors designed by students of the Bergen School of Architecture in dialogue with the city’s youth. The library will also employ young people aged 16-19 to be designing activities in these premises in this department.