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Esquerra de l’Eixample-Agustí Centelles Library, Barcelona, Spain

Biblioteques de Barcelona. Jordi Casañas
Biblioteques de Barcelona. Jordi Casañas

Name of the Library Esquerra de l’Eixample-Agustí Centelles Library
Parent Organisation: Biblioteques de Barcelona

Street Address: Compte d’Urgell, 145-147
Postal Address: Compte d’Urgell, 145-147 08015 Barcelona
Telephone : +34 934539881
Web Address: http://www.bcn.cat/bibcentelles
Library Email: b.barcelona.ac@diba.cat

Type of Library: Medium size town
Population served: 70,639
Project Type : New Building
Size (square metres): 3,097 m2
Date of Completion: 2011
Architects: Rahola Vidal Arquitectes

Esquerra 1
The library Esquerra de l’Eixample – Agustí Centelles is part of Biblioteques de Barcelona (Barcelona Libraries), the entity that manages the network of 40 public libraries in the city.

This library, which occupies part of the Teresa Pàmies Cultural Centre, was opened in 2011. The new building, which was designed by the architects Víctor Rahola and Jorge Vidal, also houses several other public services: a civic centre, a nursery school and a youth club. The library takes its name from that of the neighbourhood and from Agustí Centelles (El Grau de València, 1909 – Barcelona, 1985), considered a pioneer in modern photojournalism in Europe. Often referred to as the Catalan Robert Capa, Centelles is famed particularly for his photographs from the Spanish Civil War, his themes ranging from the rearguard in Barcelona to the bombing of Lleida, action on the Aragon front and the state of the refugee camps for republicans in France.

The library collection encompasses more than 70,000 documents, on different supports and in different fields, which is increased each month by new acquisitions. A selection of newspapers and magazines is also available.
Part of the collection is devoted to photography. Moreover, the library also pursues the following centres of interest:
• Parenthood
• The world of employment
• Teaching resources

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The Esquerra de l’Eixample-Agustí Centelles library organises a wide range of different activities for all: book clubs, storytelling, seminars, children’s workshops… These activities, which are aimed at transmitting the pleasure of reading and encouraging users to discover new authors and learn more about current issues, are always linked to the library collections.

The programme Molt per aprendre (“Lots to Learn”) includes two seasons: Creacions (workshops devoted to writing, oral and visual arts) and the Aula Digital (introductory activities to computers, photography, self-access language learning, freeware and creating blogs).

The library is also a member of the Antenes Cibernàrium network of technology training points. Moreover, as an ACTIC testing centre, the library enables students to sit the examinations to obtain the official certificate. Finally, the library also supports the education community by welcoming schools visits and providing facilities and services.