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Minsyong County Library, Taiwan


Name of the Library: Minsyong County Library
Parent Organisation:Minsyong Township Office

Street Address: No.7, Wunhua Rd., Minsyong Township, Chiayi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Postal Address:62145
Telephone :+886-5-226-2015
Web Address: www.msch.gov.tw/01job/other.asp?class=c_136
Library Email:cyhgc07@gmail.com
Type of Library:Medium size town library
Population served:71948
Project Type:Refurbishment
Size (square metres) :2831 m2
Date of Completion:August, 2013
Architect:5F + 1 Basement

Minsyong County Library is located in the center of Minsyong County, which is only few minutes of walk from the train station. It has just benefited from a refurbishment that has been taken nearly two years to finish, and it reopened to the public in 2013. The Library encompasses five floors and one basement. Each floor has its own theme and served with purpose. The space of the Library is designed for multipurpose; the function is designed to cover all levels of age, and the interior design provides more sense of modernity, such as high ceiling and diamond shaped patterns on walls. Especially, during the evening, the Library becomes more attractive with LED lights on; it has become the landmark of Minsyong County and the symbol of its culture and spirit.

Apart from the upgrade of the building itself and the facilities, the Library has also demonstrated its abilities of launching activities. Minsyong Library has held various reading events that involve local residents to be engaged. Further, the Library utilizes its resources to hold many culture exhibitions and performances. It successfully employed the combination of computer tablets and electric resources to offer residents more information with quick access. Instead of traditional marketing, the Library takes the advantage of e-commercial to publicize its activities and performances. It vibrates the functions effectively over the traditional role of a library.

The vision of the Library is to create an image of the township that is cultural and scholarly. The Library not only provides a comfortable reading area for readers, but also integrates all sorts of resources to actively host the launch of various reading events for people. With these years’ constant efforts, the number speaks for itself. The amount of visitors to the Library is continuously on the rise, and the volumes of books and the number of borrowers increase strikingly. These achievements have definitely demonstrated the significance and the success of Minsyong Library.

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2014  Green Building Award
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2015  The Annual Library Award
2015  The Excellent Library Award