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National Taitung University Library and Information Centre, Taiwan

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Name of the Library:  National Taitung University Library and Information Centre
Parent Organisation: National Taitung University

Street Address: Jhihben Campus: 369, Sec. 2, University Rd., Taitung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Postal Address: 95092
Telephone : +886-89-518135
Web Address: http://www.lic.nttu.edu.tw/
Library Email : ref@nttu.edu.tw

Type of Library : Central/ Main
Population served: 5,000
Project Type:New Building
Size (square metres): 13,000
Date of Completion: 08/12/2014

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National Taitung University Library and Information Center
National Taitung University located in Taiwan East Coast between the mountains and the sea. The campus green belt is connecting the imagination of these two physical elements. The library adjacent to an ecological detention pond is located at the green axis endpoint toward the Pacific Ocean. As a major landmark building of the campus, library attempted to respond to mountain and water context in a landform architecture, to explore multiple imagination of campus life while creating unique campus environment in Taitung, and to make college life a profound memory.

Massing concept tries to respond to two major concerns for site configuration and massing articulation; First, to link living route between the main living quarter, the school area and the lake area; Second, to respond to visual conditions of the surrounding. Massing volume is created in an abstract mountain shape on north part to form the most important scene facing the Pacific Ocean. Along the lakeside is a set of curved low volume of library. The intercrossed location of two sets of volume forms the library’s main entrance. Mountain shape library becomes the visual landmark of the campus and blends into the mountain background of campus.

Inside the building, the visitors being under effect of the scenic views outside and the cave like space inside which brings the atmosphere into a spiritual place. Outside the building, visitors can climb up the building to the top and overlook the surrounding to get the sense of context impact.

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The Landmark in NTTU
The Library and Information Center provides support to students and faculty members in learning, research, and teaching. Centrally located on the campus, the library is surrounded by the Administrative Services Building, College of Humanities, Teachers College, College of Science and Engineering, Jing-Sin Instruction, and Student Dormitories. It is also surrounded by the protection forestland and the Jing-Sin Lake. On the rooftop of the building, there is the view of magnificent Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Railway South Link Line. It is not only the campus landmark, but also the spotlight of Taitung.

Creating “Mobile Learning” Environment
Designing to meet readers’ needs and emphasizing on mobile learning, Expect books and journals area, the library provides a spacious environment and high-tech equipment for readers to explore. The NTTU library and Information Center provides readers with comfortable study environments and state-of-the-art facilities, hoping readers can find the most suitable study space.

1F On the first floor there are Learning Commons, Discussion Room, Language Learning Area, Multimedia Area, New Arrivals, Multifunction Showroom, Lecture Hall, and Computer Laboratory. This is the most popular area in library.
2F The study rooms that are divided into the Silent Reading Area and the E-Reading Area, as well as the Library Café that serves coffee and light meal.
3F Speaker’s Corner is a great place to hold a book launch party or give a small lecture.  There are abundant and valuable materials on children’s literature on this floor.
4F There are Study Carrels. Nine individual study rooms, named after the seven groups of Taiwanese aborigines in Taitung and the university tree, are available for the NTTU students and faculty to use with no disturbance.
5F Gallery of University History showcases the history of NTTU and its development. It is also the best starting point to know more about NTTU.

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