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Tromsø City Library and Archive, Norway

Tromsø bibliotek 1

Name of the Library:Tromsø City Library and Archive
Parent Organisation: Tromsø City

Street Address: Grønnegt. 94, 9008 Tromsø NORWAY
Postal Address: Postboks 6900, 9299 Tromsø NORAY
Telephone : +47 777 90 900
Web Address: http://www.tromso.kommune.no
Library Email: biblioteket@tromso.kommune.no

Type of Library: Central Library
Population served: 75 000
Project Type : Refurbishment
Size (square metres): 3500 m2
Date of Completion: 2005
Architect: Kjell Beite

Tromsø 2

Tromsø City Library and Archive was opened in 2005. It is 3500 m2 and was drawn by the Norwegian architect Kjell Beite . However the roof was the remains of a cinema built in the 1960.

The library is a part of a complex containing the Town Hall and a cinema. The library collection is housed on four floors and a top gallery and shares the building with the City Archives.


Because of its convenient situation and spectacular architecture, the library has become a natural meeting place for the local citizens, and a “must see” experience for tourists. The vision of the library is to be a model library in the region of northern Norway. In 2006 the library was declared the Best Service Enterprise in Tromsø, an award given on behalf of the citizens of Tromsø. In 2008 the library was nominated as one of three for the award of “Library of the Year” in Norway, while in 2009 a general poll voted the Tromsø Library the best public library of the year.