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Växjö City Library, Sweden

Vaxjo City
Photographer: Adam Mørk

Name of the Library: Växjö City Library
Parent Organisation: Växjö Municipality
Street Address: Västra Esplanaden 7
Postal Address:  351 12 Växjö, Sweden
Telephone :  +46 0470-414 44
Web Address: http://bibliotek.vaxjo.se
Library Email:  stadsbiblioteket@vaxjo.se

Type of Library : Medium size town library
Population served:85,000
Project Type:  Conversion, New Building
Size (square metres):3,850 m2 new build. 3,100 m2 conversion
Date of Completion:2003
Architect: schmidt hammer lassen architects

Vaxjo City 2
Photographer: Adam Mørk


Växjö City Library sits in the cultural centre of the city and comprises a new build extension and a sensitive refurbishment of architect Erik Uluot’s building from 1965. The extension is an independent circular volume that matches up with the existing square library.

With a base of light-toned natural stone terminated at the top by an unbroken band of glass, the new building appears as a simple, balanced juxtaposition of stone and glass. Visual weight below and an apparent lightness above – exactly like its sister building but with the order reversed. The interconnecting building sensitively mediates contact between the circular building and its quadratic counterpart.

Photo: Adam Mørk
Photo: Adam Mørk

The circular atrium is the new building’s unifying element. Extending up through the library’s three storeys, long flights of straight-run stairs present a linear contrast to the geometry of the circle. Between the atrium and the building’s façade are the library’s
many functions located, positioned as freestanding furniture pieces on the light-toned wooden floors at each level. 

2004, Växjö Municipality Architectural Prize
2004, Nominated for the Kaspar Salin Prize
2005, Kronoberg Län’s Architectural Prize