Entresse Library, Finland

Name of the Library: Entresse Library
Parent Organisation: Espoo City Library

Street Address: Siltakatu 11
Postal Address: PL 3605
Telephone : +358 46 877 2740
Web Address
Library Email: anni.kaariainen@espoo.fi

Type of Library: District Library
Population served: 50 000
Project Type: Refurbishment
Size (square metres): 3000
Date of Completion 1.4.2009
Architect Architects Jukka Ollikainen / HKP Oy, Interior Architects / Monni & Koskivaara

Entresse Library is a living, multicultural library full of sounds and colors. Our personnel is identified visibly by staff vests. More than a quarter of our staff has an immigrant background and about one fifth of our collections are in foreign languages.

Entresse Library is wheelchair-accessible throughout and we also welcome families with small children. We provide areas for working, reading and socializing. Our customers can arrange their own art exhibitions. The playing area for children and the various facilities for young people and making music are in particular demand at the moment.

Entresse Library has also special equipment such as a lamination machine, a sewing machine and equipment for transferring content from vinyl records, cassettes or video tape to digital format. Jukeboksi – separate premises with a music studio and small stage for music and dancing events and a kitchen for cooking clubs was opened in April 2013.
Estradi is our Events Stage and our goal is to get the customers involved in organizing most of the events:
– Interviews, music, dance, drama, movies
– digital piano is available all the time on site
– Events for immigrants, events organized by immigrants
– Guidance in using HelMet Web Library, internet, iPad and mobile phones
– Estradi can be reserved for almost any purpose our customers can think of
All the events and seminars are free of charge. Drop by and listen to them for a couple of minutes or the entire show.
Kibe for Youth – here and now!
Meet our teenage customers and feel young again. Kibe is the territory for the young, and teenagers have taken it as their own. This is their kind of library section with welcoming feeling, non-discrimination and staff who are there just for teens and interested in their culture and their activities. Here the kids can relax, play all kind of games in a separate game room, find interesting books, create events together with the library or just hang around. There is no need to borrow a book!
– A place to meet people and talk with friends
– Young people’s information service
– Familiar staff
– There can be close to 70 teens during one evening
– Most of the fantasy books are here
Once a week librarians work together with a youth leader from Youth Service department of Espoo. The sessions started in 1.1.2014 and this unique collaboration has been a success!
Music department and Jukeboksi
Entresse Music Library activates your senses. You can borrow, listen, train, record and perform. Experience music totally, act as a subject to the extreme.
– CDs, Music DVDs, Music magazines, sheet music and music books
– Listen to music, play music
– Music events stage (in Jukeboksi)
– A digital piano, which includes headphone output
– Record your own music in the studio (in Jukeboksi)


One thought on “Entresse Library, Finland”

  1. In Mikkeli, Finland we have excellent library with the reading room of the magazines and newspapers offers excellent choice of range. Music and movies are of course naturally represented.

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